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Each Lee.Speak session is designed so you can reach your goals and achieve success.
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Together we’ll discover your strengths, and the areas that need improvement.
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When the goal is to make the money necessary to help others, everyone on a team has to have a common vision..
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Once you understand, practice and use your personal power—everything changes.
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For us to successfully work together, you don’t have to live in Vermont!
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In small customized sessions, groups learn the nuances of presenting with skill and enthusiasm.
Lee.Speak makes improving public speaking and interpersonal communication skills an interesting, enlightening, and intriguing process. Lee.Speak is a time-tested, four-step plan to help you say what you need to say--and get the results you want. Whether there's an important presentation in your future or you manage employees who need to hone their skills --contact me to find out how the Lee.Speak program can work for you.
Lee.Speak is more than words...It's the skills you need to be effective and successful!
I offer a variety of ways to help you fulfill your communication goals!

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Leora with WCAX: Odd Jobs

"People are afraid of being judged."

Jennifer Costa: "Is there hope for everyone?"

Leora Dowling: "Yes. Oh, absolutely... Nobody was born a great orator. You have to get better at it, but there are plenty of ways to learn."

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"Yeah, it's an odd job," Dowling said. "It's a wonderful job. It's a life-affirming job for me, which, hey, if I'm that happy doing what I do on a daily basis, I've done something right."

To learn more, and watch the video on Leora's odd job, click here.




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“90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.”

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